IBI - see Identification Based Indicia.

Identification Based Indicia - a commercial product which is a computer generated, postage paying, stamp-like imprint authorized by the USPS.

Illegal Use - an illegal use of a stamp, such as a revenue stamp used in an attempt to pay postage.

Image Tagging - the tagging of only the image (design) or a portion of the image on a stamp.  Examples: 1988 25¢ Classic Autos (Scott 2381-2385); 1999 33¢ American Glass (Scott 3325-3328).

*Imperforate - stamps without perforations.  The earliest stamps were issued in imperforate form.  Imperforate stamps that were intended to be perforated are errors.

Imprint - design containing the name of the producer of the stamps, which appears on the sheet margin, usually near the plate number.

Imprint Block - a margin block of stamps, analogous to a plate block, which contains an imprint instead of a plate number.

In-line Perforator - a perforating device included in the mechanized portion of a printing press, automatically activated as the printed web or sheets pass through the station.

India Paper - a thin, tough, translucent paper used for making die proofs.

Indicia - plural of indicium.

Indicium - 1) the stamp-like impression on postal stationery,  2) the imprint of postage made by a postage meter.

Ink-Jet Cancel - a dot matrix cancel also known as a Sprayed-on Cancel.

Instructional Marking - see Auxiliary Marking.

Insured Mail - mailed articles insured for a fee by the Postal Service.

*Intaglio - a process of printing from the recessed portion of a printing plate.  See also engraving

Intagliocolor 8 Press - high-speed, three-color, sheet-fed  intaglio press used at the BEP from 1976 to 1985.

Integral - a device that applied initials, date, and precancel simultaneously.

Integrated Retail Terminals - Computers in post offices that weigh items, calculate postage, print receipts and maintain records.

Interleaves - sheetlets of glassine paper placed between panes in stamp booklets.

International Envelope Corporation - manufacturer of early and mid-twentieth century stamped envelopes and wrappers.

International Mail - mail sent from the United States to a foreign nation or sent from a foreign nation to the United States, as opposed to Domestic Mail.

International Philatelic Exhibition - one in a series of international stamp shows hosted once every decade in the U.S.  Held in New York City in 1926, the Battle of White Plains stamp and souvenir sheet (Scott 629 & 630) were issued in conjunction with this show.

International Postal Supply Company - major manufacturer of cancelling machines in use from the 1880s into the 21st century.

International Reply Coupon - a coupon sold by the post office that is redeemable by its recipient in a foreign country for return postage.  Scott catalogue numbers are prefixed with IRC.

International Vending Machine Company - Baltimore-based manufacturer of vending machines and private coils.

International Vending Machine Company Perforations - perforations privately applied to imperforate  flat plate  stamps by the International Vending Machine Company for use in its vending machines.

Interphil '76 - one in a series of international stamp shows hosted once every decade in the U.S.  Held in Philadelphia in 1976, a stamp (Scott 1632) was issued to honor Interphil '76.

Interrupted Mail - mail that has been delayed by some external event such as a plane or train crash, war, fire, etc.

*Invert - a stamp or item of postal stationery on which one portion of the design is upside down in relation to the rest of the design.  Inverts can only be produced when the production process requires at least two independent passes through a press.  Inverts are errors.

Inverted Jenny - nickname for the 24¢ air mail  error  stamp of 1918 on which the airplane (vignette) was printed upside down in relation to the frameScott C3a.

Involute Flag Cancel - a flag cancel in which the flag is folded.

IRC - see International Reply Coupon.

Irradiated Mail - mail irradiated by the U.S. Postal Service during the anthrax terrorism of 2001-02.

IRT - see Integrated Retail Terminals.

Italian Occupation Issues - see Allied Military Government Stamps.

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